Too Long to Date

Hey, I'm 30 yrs old w/ a 5 yr old diva. I'm slightly afraid to dating in fear that I will bring the wrong guy around her. I was wondering what the opinion of the women on the site when it comes to dating. Currently I only date when she is visiting her dad in FL. Is that too much to ask a man to wait about 6-8 wks during the school year for us to go on a date? Can't wait to hear what everyone has to say.

KC - Listen, Mama's need love too! Have you never watched "How Stella Got her Groove Back"?!? We're not suggesting you hop on a flight to Jamaica with a baby on your hip in hopes of finding a young Taye Diggs look-a-like. But as long as you're not exposing your children to a revolving door of men, then I don't see the harm in a young mother dating and essentially having a life outside of caring for her children.

I'm sure any halfway decent man would understand if you couldn't get a baby sitter every now and then, but it's a tad bit selfish to ask a guy to wait around on standby for 8 weeks until your kids are out of town. What happens when they return from their visit and you're still not sure? Do they have to go into hiding again?!

Plus, In the day and age of catfish I would be serving major side-eye to anyone who insisted I wait that long before meeting or going on a date! ...Are they're hiding something? maybe there's someone else, Maybe they're on the run from the law and have to lay low for a couple of weeks! And POOF! It would be over before it even really began.

The Key Word is BALANCE! You are allowed to be a loving and caring mother, as well as have a social life independent of you child. Don't lose yourself.

LC- While I don't have children I COMPLETELY understand not wanting to introduce your child to just ANY man, especially in today's climate.  Hell, I won't even let a man pick me up from my home until I'm completely comfortable with him AND I get my girl down at the police station to check his criminal history ( just kidding...maybe).  However sis, I do think 6-8 weeks is a little long to go on a date.  Just like Mama Dee, you deserve a night out on the town with a gentleman suitor and you shouldn't limit your fun to only when your mini me is around!  Whoever you're dating will understand that your daughter will always come first when she's in town and if they're right for you, they'll they will make provisions to work around YOUR schedule. 

Also... try to put yourself in another's shoes.  Would you want to wait two whole months to go on a date? What if you wait two months just to find out that he doesn't wash the crust out of his eyes and/or voted for Trump.  Then you'v wasted TWO WHOLE months of your time and phone data that you can never get back.