Confused Status

Dear US: If I'm dating but not married, am I still single?

Lezita C- When you go to file your taxes, is there a check box for “Nah . Not married but I GOTTA MAN!”? If not, then by my definition beloved you are single.  In my opinion, single does not mean that you are not in a relationship.  It simply means that you have not taken the next step to cross that marital finish line. Being single and in a relationship does not in ANY way invalidate the love you have for your partner.  Having a happy and mutually fulfilling relationship is the goal... not a title/status.  Also, if truth be told, you are in charge of your entire life and how you decide to run it.  If you want to call yourself Wifey, Bae, Love button,  HBIC, and/or Man eater then by all means, DO YOU BOO!  

Kat C- I firmly believe that “If you’re not married, you’re single” however, I understand that some exclusions may apply.  If you're in a long term committed relationship and both parties feel that marriage is not the best option for the relationship (i.e. Oprah and Stedman), then I wouldn’t consider you single.  But if every 6 month’s you are on Facebook telling the world how madly in love you are with a new guy….girl bye!  You’re SINGLE and all your social media friends are probably annoyed at your endless relationship rotations. Keep that sh*t to yourself