Coming out

Dear U.S.: My mom thinks I'm a lesbian because I never bring anyone home, I'm not, but I'm tired of the questions, Help!

Kat C- I’m no stranger to this type of shade. In my case, the shady culprit is my grandma and these encounters can go one of two ways. Option 1 consists of me taking a moment to explain that if I were a lesbian, I would have every right to live my life on my terms.  In addition to just answering the initial question, these conversations often lead to me becoming the LGBTQ rights aficionado at the dinner table.  Option 1 can cause all types of intense veins popping,  unwanted tension and awkwardness, but hell, if you’re going to make me uncomfortable, we both can play that game. Option 2 is to just pretend you didn’t hear the shady comment and keep it moving. Relatives know how to push your buttons.  I usually go for the latter because it’s just not that serious.

Lezita C- Advise her that you’re tired of living in the closet and you’ve finally decided to come out as *cue the sad Lifetime music* “SINGLE”. IF she asks you what coming out single is, then refer her to our About Me page, request that she buy you a box for your birthday, then hit her with the "Have a blessed day".