Online Dating Expectations

Dear U.S.: The guy I’m dating still has an online dating profile. I know we’re still in the very early stages but I still find this rude. Especially since it’s so easily accessible to everyone. Am I the crazy one?

LC- Friend, your expectations are clearly not the same.  Until you two choose to become exclusive , he has every right to keep his options open, and SO DO YOU!!  Don’t put all your bags in his basket until you KNOW he’s the “ONE”.  Life is too short and men nowadays are too fine.  Swipe on sista, SWIPE ON!!! 

KC - Sorry Beloved, if he still has that POF account active, he's still on the market. But you did say you were in the early stages, so RELAX! Continue to enjoy each others company and if things begin to really heat up, be an adult and have that conversation.