Love me...Love HIM NOT

Dear U.S.: I’ve been dating this guy for barely a month and he said “I love you”. I know that there’s nothing wrong with falling in love after a few weeks but I just wasn’t there yet so I responded with “Awww, that’s so sweet”. I was hoping he’d move on but he’s clearly holding a grudge. What should I do now? I thought everything was going well but now It has been really awkward lately.

Kat C- At some point in our lives we will all fall victim to the “one-sided I Love You” and there’s not much that we can do about that. We all fall in love at different rates and although we can’t control that, we can be adults about the situation and have an open dialogue about all that mushy stuff (love, feelings, where you see the relationship going, etc.) I think you did the right thing by not offering up a premature I Love You just to appease him. Never let a man bully your emotions! I suggest an adult sit-down take place ASAP and you two need to be 100% honest with your feelings. If he’s not able to accept the stage that you’re at in the relationship then its time for you to chuck the deuces.

Lezita C- Run. Like. The DAMNNNNNN. WIND!!!! No but, seriously be very cautious.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was LOVE. Even if it IS real love, that honeymoon phase wears off really QUICK. Real love is about longevity and going through tough crap.   While he may mean it in a non-fatal attraction way, I’d still pay close attention to the actions that follow. Also, it’s never good to lie about your feelings especially when the L word is involved, however, you should definitely respect his space if he’s feeling slighted by your lack of fairytale love for him.  Just give it a little time.  In the meantime, pay attention to the bushes near your home and job parking lot…he might we lurking there waiting for you. JUST Kidding...not really.