Online Dating

Dear U.S.: I’m in my early 30’s. Am I too old to be on Tinder and/or Plenty of Fish?

Kat C.-Listen, we all know what those sites are for….CASUAL HOOKUPS! And if that’s what you’re looking for then you go right on ahead! You don’t need us validating who you’re throwing "it" at or why. I know plenty of women in their 30’s and 40’s who use those sites. Now if you're seriously trying to find a soulmate then I’d recommend a better dating site but you will 100% come across basement creeps no matter which site you frequent. Practice discernment.

Lezita C.-Nope! Not if you’re looking for a quick sexual healing.  However, if you’re looking for quality, try to mingle outside of the inter webs a little more.  Wear those cute yoga pants to the grocery store or pay attention to the cutie in at brunch.  At a certain age, hook ups are STILL fun, but your time is a little more valuable and you really don’t have time for TOO much craziness.  There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re meeting Channing Tatum, but instead Jack Nicholson strolls through the door.  In the end, do whatever makes you and your loins happy.  There is no one paying your bills…so who cares about random judgments.


Unapologetically Single