Ex- Boyfriend Ultimatum

Dear U.S.: My ex repeatedly tried to get back together with me, texted me less than 2 weeks ago once again begging to try and work things out/offering to take me out but I declined. Now this week I see that he posted about how happy he is with his new girlfriend. I 100% don’t want him back because he’s a compulsive liar but a part of me wants to warn her! Am I just being petty? Should I just leave it alone? A similar thing happened a few years ago with a different guy and I just really don’t understand men. Help?

Lezita C- So here’s the thing, you could DM her, but odds are she may not believe your sincerity and it blows up in your face. Or even if she believes you, she may continue to stay with him and now you’ve wasted about 100 characters of your time. If you want him to leave you alone, here’s what you do: Email your ex a screenshot of ALL the messages that he’s sent to you and include your paypal information with a note that reads “ Option 1: You can tell your girlfriend the truth.  Option 2: You can send me $50 dollars and I’ll forget this ever happened.”  10 times out of 10 he’ll leave you alone either way.

Kat C- This question seriously made me roll my eyes so hard that it hurt. It seems to me like a last-ditch effort on his part to “get that old thing back” or at least explore any what-if’s that he has playing in his mind. Either way, that’s none of your damn business! You said you were 100% over him so act like it. We’ve all had our petty moments but Christmas is right around the corner and I know you want to make Santa’s Nice List (If not, just be petty).  Final Verdict: I would continue to ignore the hell out of him and just let Karma do its job.

Unapologetically Single