Company Spotlight: Suzi & Marie

I was scrolling on the interwebs looking for a new set of waist beads, when I came across Suzi & Marie’s collection and absolutely fell in love. Her collection features an array of beautiful beads that ultimately make it hard to not walk away without spending all of your coins.

This week in our company spotlight, we will be featuring Suzi & Marie.

Ashlie Brown, the owner and hands behind Suzi & Marie, opened up her Etsy shop in 2014, and she hasn’t looked back since.  Prior to opening shop, crafting had always been an activity she used as therapy, as she had lost her mother and god mother at a very young age. Utilizing the teachings of both influential women, she transformed her hobby into a business, and thoroughly enjoys sharing her craft with others. Knitwear, earrings, bracelets, and waist beads are only a few items in her repertoire but she hopes to expand her techniques into more complex designs.  Accessories are life!

To check out her entire collection, visit

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