Company Spotlight: So Posh Beauty

Botanical Facial Steam

Botanical Facial Steam

In a sea full of beauty brands, it's often hard to find super bomb products that are great for your skin and don't contain countless amounts of harsh ingredients that you NOR Floyd Mayweather can pronounce (it's a joke loves...relax).  

So Posh Beauty products are the perfect blend of natural products that smell beautiful and are great for your skin. 

Today, in our company spotlight, we're highlighting So Posh Beauty. 

So Posh Beauty was born in sunny Los Angeles, CA. Created by  Ronni Wilson, the quintessential "girly girl" and self-proclaimed purveyor of pretty things. So Posh Beauty is the culmination of necessity meeting life's passion. A place where femininity is not compromised  for quality, womanhood is nurtured, and luxury is an experience. We are a chic lifestyle brand and purveyor of luxury bath, body, and home products. Our mission is to make products that not only look great on your vanity, but that are also great for your skin. Our products are hand crafted in small batches to ensure optimum freshness and quality. We strategically choose and custom blend our fragrances with our customers in mind to provide the maximum sensory experience. 

Ronni's love of fragrance started as a little girl. She loved looking pretty, but more than anything else, she loved smelling pretty. As a little girl she would spend hours upon hours in the bathroom playing in her Mother's bath and body products. Acting as her own mixologist, she would mix various scents until she came up with her own custom creations. She had no idea that upon entry into young adulthood, her time spent blending scents would become useful. Ronni was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder at the age of 18 and was told to give up all scented products because they could irritate her skin. All of her beloved fragrances had to be replaced with products that were either unscented or smelled medicinal. She was devastated. She became really ingredient conscious and began to research all of the products she used previously, and what she found was shocking.  It was during this research that she found what she calls her life’s passion. She found a recipe to make natural soap and made her first batch of natural soap. She was hooked. That one batch of soap turned into body creams, scrubs, and oils. She began giving away her products to others with skin conditions and after a while people began to come back and request to order products from her. Before long, she realized she had a business! 


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