Valentine's Day the Unapologetically Single Way

For many unapologetic singles, Valentine's Day has always been a day of despair and plain old bull****. People often take this day to put themselves down for not being in a relationship. Some singles even go so far as to measure their worth by their lack of having received long stemmed roses or fancy, overpriced ass chocolates. WELLLLLL THE BUCK STOPS HERE!!

We're simply NOT going to allow you to wallow in self pity and feel inferior. You deserve to give yourself a little more credit for being single and fabulous! A simple day could NEVER take that away from you.  

To help take your mind off of fake IG love stories and over the top Facebook proposals, we've complied a short and sweet list of things you can do to celebrate February 14th.  We hope you enjoy!

1. Throw a Galentines day party with you girl gang.

2. If your feeling feisty, make it a Anti-valentines day bon-fire (i.e. drink with some of your single friends while burning your ex's stuff).

3. Have a movie marathon.

4. Grab a friend and get the honeymoon suit! And don't forget to splurge on the couple's massage...

5. Explore a new neighborhood.

6. Try a niche workout - strip fitness, aerial Pilates, goat yoga (yes, people work out with goats).

7. Go on a first date. 

8. Go to your fave restaurant and treat yourself to a good meal and a fancy cocktail.

9. DO NOT...we repeat, DO NOT call up your ex out of desperation. If you feel the urge, email us and we'll talk you off the ledge. 

10. Unplug so you don't get wrapped up in all the faux bae goals.  Remember it's just another Wednesday and keep on living your best life.