Single Girls In Cuba...The Good, the Bad, and the MEN!!

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One of the best parts about the summer time is taking trips to different places and enjoying quality time with your friends. This year, Unapologetically Single took their single talents down to Cuba to explore.  

To sum up our trip and offer a little insight, here are several key points that you may find valuable if you are traveling to Cuba soon.  If you've been to Cuba before, let us know what the best and worse part about your experience was. 


  • Havana is oddly beautiful. Outside of the touristy places, MANY of the buildings are extremely worn down, but you can still see the beauty there that once was.  Just by simply walking down the street you feel as though you were immersed in a time when your grandparents dressed up and wore their Sundays best to the local clubs and juke joints. 
  • Our Air BNB was located in Vedado which is a bustling area near many restaurants, clubs, and wifi spots ( oh yeah wifi is a luxury that isn’t available freely).  One of our Air BnB hosts cooked breakfast every morning and she felt like an abuelita away from home.  In addition , it was one of the rare finds that included AC in every room and HOT WATER.  Click here you’re interested In booking. 
  • The people are extremely friendly and are willing to offer a helping hand no matter where you are, even if they speak “un poquito ingles ”.  We were greeted and escorted to many local restaurants that we would’ve never found otherwise. 
  • Whether it was the Sunday day party in Vedado or local partying at the Fabric de Arte Museum, one thing for sure is that Cubans don’t mind getting the party started ANY and EVERY where. We can attest to night parties or 3-4 am singing….every night. 


  • Joanne the scammer CLEARLY ain’t the only person out here scamming!  Beware of people telling you about a special “ cigar sale”.  They're lying like sh*t. Just go to a reputable location or even a hotel. Yes you pay more, but better safe than scammed. 
  • At the moment, Cuba does not take American credit cards so you can only bring cash.  Once that cash runs out, ISSA wrap. With that being said, whatever you THINK you need, bring $100 more.  We literally went from living like Fabulous and throwing ERRthang in the bag to eating buy one get one free $.50 pizza out of a random apartment because that's all we could afford.   
  • Although most locals and our Host were extremely welcoming, you could definitely sense the Anti-American sentiment occasionally with seething In-your-face eye rolls.! We actually found it kind of funny, but don't be surprised if you encounter this behavior at restaurants,  airports, or any local eatery that accepts Cuban Pesos and you try to pay with CUCs ( Cuban Pesos are the currency of the local people and not tourists ).  
  • The food was absolutely amazing most places we went, HOWEVER,  if you’re not careful, you may be running to the bathroom more than you care to.  Try to take medicine before landing so that you can at least prep your stomach.  Fortunately, I was with my girls and not on a baecation. Otherwise, the sh** literally and figuratively would’ve been hitting the fan.  Gross I know, but true. 


  • Cuban men LOVE chocolate.  Take that how you may! Exercise caution though, all the attention can make you feel like you’re in a Marc Anthony video as lead bad B**** and no one can tell you a DAMN THANG.  I’m a sucker for a KILLER smile and a nice body and CUBA will not disappoint in that area. Brush up on your Spanish, its hard to flirt sounding like you learned how to read/speak yesterday. 
  • That being said, some of the men can come off a bit arrogant and more than a few dressed like the Spanish version of Migos, but if you are like us, you can deal with the Rico Suave attitude and rings on every finger for a few days all in the name of fun...


Overall Unapologetically Single Rating based on a scale from 1-10

Food- 7

Social Scene- 8