Company Spotlight: Shapes Design Company

Along with the rest of the world, we've fallen in love with different pins and buttons.  We love the way they allow us to express ourself without even uttering a word.  While on our quest to find a couple of new dope buttons, we came across Shapes Design Company and immediately fell in LOVE!

This week in our company spotlight, we will be featuring the Shapes Design Company.

"The idea of Shapes Design Company came after five years of making buttons by hand with images that weren't mine. I could never really find the exact images I had in mind and that was frustrating, yet motivating at the same time. I had a desire to create and do something that wasn't being done, so I did it. All images are made mostly of shapes, with some lines here and there, which is where the name, SHAPES, derives from."

Looking for a dope button that features amazing graphics and relevant sayings, look no farther. 

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Shapes Design Company

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