Company Spotlight: A+ Curves

When we created our Black Girl Magic gift box, we wanted to curate a box that would encompass products that we love, as well as practical items that could be used day in and day out.  The opportunity to collaborate with A+ Curves was presented during a girls night out conversation and we IMMEDIATELY jumped on the idea to partner with the powerhouse designer.  She allowed our vision to come to life by designing and hand sewing hand wraps that are not only unique and  beautiful, but they are extremely practical when it comes to  protecting our black girl magic edges, coils, kinks and curls (whether we're protecting them from bad hair days or the hands of strangers).    

This week in our company spotlight, we will be featuring A+ Curves.


A+ Curves is clothing line that is dedicated to bringing high fashion options to curvy women, at an affordable price point . We understand that a woman's figure comes in many different shapes and sizes.  Known for our use of unique prints and flattering silhouettes, A+ Curves is able to bring something unexpected to your wardrobe.


For more information on A+ CURVES, check out her website at