So Hard to Say Goodbye

We've already lived through the first week of the new year and many of us have already settled back into "old year, old me".  Damn GINAAAA!!! Just like that fine ex from the past, bad things are HARD to let go of.  Even with our best attempts, it can be difficult to stick with the "I'm never doing that again" mentality.

This is why your fave Unapologetically Single gal pals  are here to give you a slow kick in the ass and a swift reminder of the things WE ALL VOWED to let go of for the new year.  We know it's hard to say goodbye to the past, but it's necessary in order to accomplish all of our 2018 goals. 

We've compiled a brief list of things that you vowed to leave in 2017.  Let us know what you think in the comments and feel free to add to our list. Happy New Year!

1. Giving energy to people or things that do NOT serve you well.  Don't give into the drama. Be Stevie Wonder to the bullshit and keep your Kodak Black tunnel vision. 

2. Sharing your "pocketbook"with someone who isn't worth two whole pennies rubbed together.  Frank ocean said it best in his Endless video/movie, "Never f**k someone you wouldn't want to be though".  He's never lied. Your time is as important as your vagina's time. Don't waste a number* on a partner that is trash.  There are too many decent human beings to share an orgasm with. 

3. Not being so hard on yourself. It's ok to make mistakes. Get back up and keep on moving. Listen, NO ONE has it all figured out. Not even Beyonce.

4.  Allowing others to change the trajectory of your happiness. You and ONLY you are responsible for your happiness all year long. Let this be the year that you figure out what makes you happy and practice being good to yourself.  Self love and Self care are important.

5.  Not allowing the opinions of others to determine how you choose to live your life.  Period.  Honestly, half the time we think people care about what we're doing or worry they are judging our every move, but trust us, they are not. They have their own sh*t to deal with! So this year we need you to mind your business, drink your water, and DO YOU. Unapologetically.


* Although it's 2018 and we ALL know numbers start over at the top of the year.