Reclaiming My Time and $70


Hi Lovelies!!

It's been a long time and I wanted to briefly come to you with a true story about a time in my past (by the past I mean 2 months ago) when I had to reclaim my time and $70. 

A good friend* of mine invited me to visit him in Miami for the weekend. To protect the innocent and the now unblocked friend, I shall refer to him as Twon**.  So Twon, invited me to Miami for the weekend and of course I agreed because it's Miami and I LIVE for a beautiful beach.  Side note, just for a little context to this story, I have known Twon for about 8 years and we would visit each other from time to time.  This trip was not out of the ordinary NOR was it a romantic trip between lovers.  It was a fun little getaway trip, or so I thought.  

Anywho, Twon sent me my flight details and the very next weekend I was on my way to Miami. I arrived on a Friday night and the turn up immediately began. It had been a couple of months since we saw each other last so it felt good to bond over current events in our lives and drink undocumented amounts of insomnia juice, aka my homegirl Tequila. 

Saturday night rolls around and we decide to head to the art district in Miami and enjoy bar hopping. After three appetizers, two Instagram "artsy" pictures, and three Hennessy Margaritas later,  I can already feel myself talking too loudly and dancing to everything including Will Smith*** songs. We're both having a good time when suddenly Twon gets several back to back phone calls from a "distressed" friend.  We shall call this friend "Enigma". He tells me that Enigma is extremely drunk and doesn't quite know where she is.  Immediately, I start to get concerned about her wellbeing and all of these Misogynistic/ Donald Trump thoughts start running through my head:

"Was someone trying to grab her by the pussy? Is she lost? Did she TOO have too much insomnia juice?".  

My girl power flag was raised high and I was prepared to yell "black girl magic unite" and head to her defense.

Twon suggests leaving the bar to go check on Enigma... alone.  I offered to help but he said " no, it's ok, I'm afraid of what I will walk into and I don't want you to see."  So now my concern turns into "da f*ck I look like," because I was born at night but not last night. I simply replied with a hearty laugh and a "so you can go ahead and pay for this Uber while you check on Enigma". He hands me his keys and proceeds to check on Enigma.  Fast forward 2 hours later and Twon calls me to tell me "well Enigma was gone when I arrived to the apartment but she's on the way to the club, want to come?". Now at this point I've already raided his cabinet for all the snacks/ Honey Whisky and my bonnet was ON... I wasn't going ANYWHERE!  Not to mention, I thought Enigma was fighting for her life in the backseat of an uber like Angela Basset in "What's Love Got to Do With It". Who in the hell goes to a club after that sort of action. 

Now aggravated, I declined the invite and proceeded to go on google maps to pinpoint exactly the place where Twon had me F***** up.  I ended up falling asleep shortly after this. 

Fast forward another 4 HOURS LATER and I get a phone call from Twon asking me to open the door because he's in the lobby.  I open the door and he immediately comes in and passes out. The next morning he gets up super early and prepares to leave for New York. He must've known I was annoyed because I have never in my life seen a man pack SO fast for anything.  You would've thought Twon was a white women writing an email to customer service the way he was packing.  After he was finished he simply said "I'll call you later and I'll have the concierge lock the door after you leave".  THE NERVE. I WAS PISSED.  

Honestly, I was mainly upset because this was supposed to be my friend (NOT LOVER) of over 8 years and I felt we were better than that. Did he make the whole story up to go get a happy ending? Where did he dissapper to for 6 hours? Why would he not feel comfortable enough to be upfront and honest?  Also, I'm in Miami!!! Had I known he was going to be out all night thotting and bopping, I could've at least enjoyed my other friends or family in the city too. It was hurtful. 

My flight wasn't supposed to leave until Sunday night but I was so thrown off that I decided to change my flight and get the hell out of there. Plus, I had work to do so getting back early would allow me to be productive.  The flight change fee was $70.  Now I'm even more pissed because I could hear my conscioens and budget say "girl you could've bought yourself a pair of cute Aldo shoes OR  stayed at home and watched Golden Girls for free". This trip that was supposed to be relaxing was now causing me money and time I could never get it. That's when it hit me! Mariah Carey sent her ex-fiance an invoice for wasting her time so I can send Twon one for wasting mine. 

 I created a PayPal invoice for $75 which was the price of the flight and a $5 inconvenience fee because PayPal loves to tack on a fee.  Knowing what I know now, I should've made the invoice out for $175 but my mother and father didn't raise a scammer.  The description in the invoice read " Hurt feelings, plane change fee, humble insurance."  I finalized the invoice and sent it.  Honestly, I didn't know if he would pay or not, BUT I wanted to convey a point. The point being that his dishonesty hurt my feelings, I wasted my time/money coming, and his ass needed a piece of sweet potato humble pie. 

About an hour later I got an email that alerted me that the invoice was paid. I received a text from him saying, " I apologize, that was weird of me and I shouldn't have done that".  I smiled at the money back in my account and the apology WHILE blocking him on social media LOL.  I'm a Taurus, we're stubborn and forgive slowly.  

Moral of this long story, time is the ONE thing you can never get back, but being reimbursed for your time softens the blow.  Don’t ever be afraid to  ask for what you deserve.

Update: I unblocked Twon the other day on social media because I can't hold grudges like I used to.  He immediately texted me to apologize again and make amends. Apparently he has an "unblock" app that alerts him when someone blocks OR unblocks him.  Go figure.  I accepted his apology and we even had a laugh.

* Friend- We're JUST friends... I know what you're thinking. 

** All men nicknamed Twon are mixed with a hint of f***boy tendencies. It's genetic.

*** Will Smith a la DJ Jazzy Jeff and Summertime...not getting jiggy with it Will Smith. Sorry not Sorry. 


-Lezita C. 


Yes ya girl supplied receipts :) 

Yes ya girl supplied receipts :)