Single Again: Im Bacckkkkk!!

Unapologetically Single Lioness

      So many of you have read in the media lately that Tameka “Tiny” Harris has filed for  divorce from T.I. after 6 years of marriage. Although a current hot topic in the media, it’s a story that many women know all too well. Maybe not the 6 years of marriage part, but any breakup after being in a relationship for over a year can be tough.

To assist you on this journey, we’ve compiled a list of ways to help cope with being SINGLE AGAIN, and becoming the Unapologetically Single and fierce woman you were meant to be.

1.   Use this time to focus on you and only you! Are you maximizing your full potential? Is there something that you’ve been wanting to do for the past year but ALWAYS managed to put it off?? GO FOR IT!! Especially if that thing you’ve been putting off is the SEXY man that lives in apartment 2C… Just kidding. Not really :)

2.   Do some soul searching and find out what you want in your next partner. What worked in your last relationship? What didn’t work?  Are you willing to compromise certain behaviors? Do you want your next partner to have a hairline that isn’t chasing time? All these things matter when venturing out into the world of dating.

3.   Surround yourself with friends but also revel in your alone time. Both are important to the process! Plan a girls night out on the town to take your mind off your heartache and put on that freakum dress that our beloved YONCE refers to.  You may still be a little hurt, but at LEAST you can look sexy. Trust me girl...he’s looking at your pics and wishing he could turn back those hands of good ole father time.

Sidenote: BE PREPARED for his call and how you will respond!!

4.   Have fun! Remember the film “How Stella Got her Groove back”…leave your dating expectations at the door or in the chatroom. When back on the dating scene, you will definitely come across a lot of frogs that have NO INTENTIONS of turning into princes. Don’t take anything too seriously in the beginning. It’s ROUGH out here.

5.   Be Unapologetically Single a.k.a CONFIDENT in your new status! Your life does not END or BEGIN with a man or woman. You got this!!!