Top 5 Things to Do for New Years Eve 2016

1. Romantic Night In

When I’m in a relationship, I love a Romantic night in on New Year's Eve, just as much as I love a wild night of partying. Just because you’re flying solo, doesn’t mean that has to change. Treat yourself to a dreamy night in and when I say “treat” I mean GO ALL OUT! Take a nice long bath, light some candles (currently swooning over Mokara by Voluspa), prepare a few homemade chocolate covered strawberries (Moscato infused chocolate covered strawberries), watch your favorite film and enjoy being in your own presence. Relax and be present.

2. Link up with your Ace.

Let me say this loud and clear so that the people in the back can hear me, JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE SINGLE, DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE ALONE! NYE is the perfect time for you to go out and paint the town gold with one of your single friends or plan a girl’s night out for the single and taken alike.

But whatever you decide, use this night to build friendships and have fun. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT spend the whole night focusing on relationship problems and complaining about men. Don’t let them steal your joy!

3. Have a Kickback

A.K.A Throw a pretty chill party (can be potluck or BYOB style if you’re on a budget). Finding something to do for NYE can be a daunting task for a lot of people, so the homies would be super appreciative for this option. Just imagine a night filled with your closest friends, drinks, board games (the Girls Night Out Expansion pack for Black Card Revoked is a must), a makeshift photo-station, a few party hats and banging music. You will never want that ball to drop!

4. Spend time with family

When all else fails, and you just really don’t want to be alone on NYE, family will always be there for you. Enjoy the home cooked meal, game night with siblings and unconditional love that your family can provide.

5. Let go of expectations

No matter what you decide to do, sometimes NYE can bring about plenty of expectation and anxiety for the night AND new year. This year, just let go and enjoy yourself!