GOFITJO Grace and Grit Notebook by Denik

GOFITJO Grace and Grit Notebook by Denik

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Denik x GOFITJO Collaboration

GOFITJO is a fitness and lifestyle blogger who's empowering others to live a healthy and balanced life. Her belief is that fitness is not about the perfect body, but its about getting your life together, overcoming fears, and building self confidence. Through her blog and Instagram she's encouraging people to see that fitness will always be a continuous evolution of discovering who you are meant to be.  

Website: www.gofitjo.com
Instagram: @gofitjo



Our softcover notebooks are 150 pages of acid free, 75% recycled paper.

Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"

Pages: Lined

The cover has a soft laminate to ensure image quality over time and creates a water resistant external coating. P.s. It feels like magic.

The journals are perfectly-perfect bound (yes, we used perfect twice).  We use a top secret glue which helps the binding resist extreme cold and heat and allows the book to flex and bend... Creating a durable, functional and beautiful piece of art. Fold it up, stick it in your pocket, toss it in a bag, make it yours. It will last.


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