Don't Worry, Babe Greeting Card

Don't Worry, Babe Greeting Card


Unapologetic Greeting Cards

Tell them how you really feel...

Want to include a greeting card with your gift or send a card for a special occasion (including birthdays, happy hours, and just being fabulous)? We gotcha covered :)

Includes: one folded card. Printed on recycled 118# cotton finish in 'Natural White'.

Dimensions: A2 (4.25 in. x 5.5 in.) Enclosed in kraft envelope.


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Finding a good greeting card to convey a specific message can be extremely difficult.  It's simple to walk into a store to find a cute birthday or anniversary card, but what about when the message you want to convey is "You're a bomb ass person", or " You're lucky to have me in your life" card. Not always so simple.   Mainstream card companies don't necessarliy cater to those messages. 

Luckily, we're accustomed to creating our own narratives and messages and we've designed a new line of greeting cards for our unapologetically single tribe.  Our two new exclusive card designs  are the perfect way to put your feelings into a snazzy greeting card. 

We created these cards to help you control your own amazing single narrative.  Great as a gift by themselves or accompanied with a gift collection.