Gypsy Waist Beads by Suzi and Marie

Gypsy Waist Beads by Suzi and Marie

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GYPSY - Meet Gypsy, she’s made from colorful 6/0 (10 beads per inch) glass beads that resemble all seven Chakra colors and anchored with semi-precious clear quartz stone. 

Meant for long term wear, these beads aid with weight loss and weight management. They will make you feel ultra sexy as well. 

Waist beads are the perfect way to adorn your belly and celebrate your perfectly made body.

To size your beads down, place beads where you would like them to fall, slide down excess beads, tie, and snip ends!

Please measure your waist and select the appropriate size range. All sizes are done in inches.  
Size: There are two size categories- 24-38.5 inches, 39-50 inches.

Measure your waist where you would like the beads to fall and select your size range. For example, if your waist is 30 inches, select size range 24-38.5.  

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