Ebony 2 Beads by Suzi and Marie

Ebony 2 Beads by Suzi and Marie

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Adorn your waist with EBONY- a beautiful strand composed of glass seed beads in matte and opaque black, cream, and bronze Waist beads are a fun and sexy way to celebrate your body, and also serve as a way to monitor weight loss/gain.

Size: There are two size categories- 24-38.5 inches, 39-50 inches. Measure your waist where you would like the beads to fall and select your size range. For example, if your waist is 30 inches, select size range 24-38.5. To size your beads down, place beads where you would like them to fall, slide down excess beads, tie at least three knots, and snip ends!

Deets - 

Strand Name - Ebony
Closure - Tie-On
Colors - Black, Cream, Bronze
Thread - Nylon
Bead Size - Small (13 beads per inch)

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