Gaia Waist Beads by Suzi and Marie

Gaia Waist Beads by Suzi and Marie

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Gaia - meaning: the earth personified as a goddess

Size: There are two size categories- 24-38.5 inches, 39-50 inches. Measure your waist where you would like the beads to fall and select your size range. For example, if your waist is 30 inches, select size range 24-38.5. To size your beads down, place beads where you would like them to fall, slide down excess beads, tie at least three knots, and snip ends!

Deets - 

Color: GAIA - a beautiful combination of colors including cognac, greens, gold, browns, and is anchored with semi-precious aventurine chips which cleanse the aura of negativity and are linked to prosperity and positivity.

Bead Size - 8/0 (13 beads per inch), 6/0 (10 beads per inch) - The smaller gold beads are size 8/0 while the larger beads are 6/0 along the strand.

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