Persephone Waist Beads by Suzi and Marie

Persephone Waist Beads by Suzi and Marie

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PERSEPHONE - Waist beads are the perfect accessory to adorn your belly. Whether you're looking to adorn your waistline, monitor and track your weight, or you just want to feel sexy, these beads will certainly evoke goddessy vibrations in the wearer!

Size: There are two size categories- 24-38.5 inches, 39-50 inches. Measure your waist where you would like the beads to fall and select your size range. For example, if your waist is 30 inches, select size range 24-38.5. To size your beads down, place beads where you would like them to fall, slide down excess beads, tie at least three knots, and snip ends!

Deets - 

Color: Persephone - a beautiful mix of emerald, black, and gold glass seed beads, size 6/0 (10 beads per inch)
Strung on durable thread
Semi-Precious African Turquoise stone as a focal bead

Called the “Stone of Successful Love,” Emerald opens and nurtures the heart and the Heart Chakra. Its soothing energy provides healing to all levels of the being, bringing freshness and vitality to the spirit. A stone of inspiration and infinite patience, it embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love.

African Turquoise is a stone that brings structure, balance and prosperity where it is due. It is a stone that hands over a key to new life with its offerings. This is a stone that awakens the soul to its intended purpose, encouraging the being to make positive impression while gaining and giving positive wisdom.

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