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Unapologetic Greeting Cards. Tell them how you really feel...

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Unapologetically Single

Today's Deal of the Day is...

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Giveaway Winner for 12/13/17

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Marble Bandita Fitness Belt 



2-Zipper Athleisure Belt

Whether you're running around the track or running around the city, this belt has got you covered!

The Bandita Belt is great for the gym, travel, shopping, or anything else that requires full use of your digits.

The belt features:

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Cell Phone

Credit Cards/ID



Color: Pink/Blue Marble Print




Unapologetically Single


Not only does time fly when you're having unbridled fun, it tends to SPEED by when you're Unapologetically Single (or if you're just Unapologetically bomb as hell).  This year has been absolutely phenomenal and we've had such an amazing time sharing some of our vision with you. We are forever grateful and appreciative for all of the support, likes, laughs, and stories that you have shared with us.  We look forward to continuously growing with you and becoming even more beautiful, strong, dynamic and unapologetic.   

To show our appreciation, everyday for the next 5 days we will be having AMAZING sales and giveaways on the site until our accountant gives us the " BIH STOPPP", email.  Everyday we will feature a Deal of the Day AND give one lucky customer a chance to win an awesome product and a Unapologetically Single gift card! Everyone loves a good gift card!

All you have to do is tag two friends on any of our social media sites.  The more people you tag, the greater chance you have at winning. 

Winners will be announced on the website daily. 



Reclaiming My Time and $70

Unapologetically Single


Hi Lovelies!!

It's been a long time and I wanted to briefly come to you with a true story about a time in my past (by the past I mean 2 months ago) when I had to reclaim my time and $70. 

A good friend* of mine invited me to visit him in Miami for the weekend. To protect the innocent and the now unblocked friend, I shall refer to him as Twon**.  So Twon, invited me to Miami for the weekend and of course I agreed because it's Miami and I LIVE for a beautiful beach.  Side note, just for a little context to this story, I have known Twon for about 8 years and we would visit each other from time to time.  This trip was not out of the ordinary NOR was it a romantic trip between lovers.  It was a fun little getaway trip, or so I thought.  

Anywho, Twon sent me my flight details and the very next weekend I was on my way to Miami. I arrived on a Friday night and the turn up immediately began. It had been a couple of months since we saw each other last so it felt good to bond over current events in our lives and drink undocumented amounts of insomnia juice, aka my homegirl Tequila. 

Saturday night rolls around and we decide to head to the art district in Miami and enjoy bar hopping. After three appetizers, two Instagram "artsy" pictures, and three Hennessy Margaritas later,  I can already feel myself talking too loudly and dancing to everything including Will Smith*** songs. We're both having a good time when suddenly Twon gets several back to back phone calls from a "distressed" friend.  We shall call this friend "Enigma". He tells me that Enigma is extremely drunk and doesn't quite know where she is.  Immediately, I start to get concerned about her wellbeing and all of these Misogynistic/ Donald Trump thoughts start running through my head:

"Was someone trying to grab her by the pussy? Is she lost? Did she TOO have too much insomnia juice?".  

My girl power flag was raised high and I was prepared to yell "black girl magic unite" and head to her defense.

Twon suggests leaving the bar to go check on Enigma... alone.  I offered to help but he said " no, it's ok, I'm afraid of what I will walk into and I don't want you to see."  So now my concern turns into "da f*ck I look like," because I was born at night but not last night. I simply replied with a hearty laugh and a "so you can go ahead and pay for this Uber while you check on Enigma". He hands me his keys and proceeds to check on Enigma.  Fast forward 2 hours later and Twon calls me to tell me "well Enigma was gone when I arrived to the apartment but she's on the way to the club, want to come?". Now at this point I've already raided his cabinet for all the snacks/ Honey Whisky and my bonnet was ON... I wasn't going ANYWHERE!  Not to mention, I thought Enigma was fighting for her life in the backseat of an uber like Angela Basset in "What's Love Got to Do With It". Who in the hell goes to a club after that sort of action. 

Now aggravated, I declined the invite and proceeded to go on google maps to pinpoint exactly the place where Twon had me F***** up.  I ended up falling asleep shortly after this. 

Fast forward another 4 HOURS LATER and I get a phone call from Twon asking me to open the door because he's in the lobby.  I open the door and he immediately comes in and passes out. The next morning he gets up super early and prepares to leave for New York. He must've known I was annoyed because I have never in my life seen a man pack SO fast for anything.  You would've thought Twon was a white women writing an email to customer service the way he was packing.  After he was finished he simply said "I'll call you later and I'll have the concierge lock the door after you leave".  THE NERVE. I WAS PISSED.  

Honestly, I was mainly upset because this was supposed to be my friend (NOT LOVER) of over 8 years and I felt we were better than that. Did he make the whole story up to go get a happy ending? Where did he dissapper to for 6 hours? Why would he not feel comfortable enough to be upfront and honest?  Also, I'm in Miami!!! Had I known he was going to be out all night thotting and bopping, I could've at least enjoyed my other friends or family in the city too. It was hurtful. 

My flight wasn't supposed to leave until Sunday night but I was so thrown off that I decided to change my flight and get the hell out of there. Plus, I had work to do so getting back early would allow me to be productive.  The flight change fee was $70.  Now I'm even more pissed because I could hear my conscioens and budget say "girl you could've bought yourself a pair of cute Aldo shoes OR  stayed at home and watched Golden Girls for free". This trip that was supposed to be relaxing was now causing me money and time I could never get it. That's when it hit me! Mariah Carey sent her ex-fiance an invoice for wasting her time so I can send Twon one for wasting mine. 

 I created a PayPal invoice for $75 which was the price of the flight and a $5 inconvenience fee because PayPal loves to tack on a fee.  Knowing what I know now, I should've made the invoice out for $175 but my mother and father didn't raise a scammer.  The description in the invoice read " Hurt feelings, plane change fee, humble insurance."  I finalized the invoice and sent it.  Honestly, I didn't know if he would pay or not, BUT I wanted to convey a point. The point being that his dishonesty hurt my feelings, I wasted my time/money coming, and his ass needed a piece of sweet potato humble pie. 

About an hour later I got an email that alerted me that the invoice was paid. I received a text from him saying, " I apologize, that was weird of me and I shouldn't have done that".  I smiled at the money back in my account and the apology WHILE blocking him on social media LOL.  I'm a Taurus, we're stubborn and forgive slowly.  

Moral of this long story, time is the ONE thing you can never get back, but being reimbursed for your time softens the blow.  Don’t ever be afraid to  ask for what you deserve.

Update: I unblocked Twon the other day on social media because I can't hold grudges like I used to.  He immediately texted me to apologize again and make amends. Apparently he has an "unblock" app that alerts him when someone blocks OR unblocks him.  Go figure.  I accepted his apology and we even had a laugh.

* Friend- We're JUST friends... I know what you're thinking. 

** All men nicknamed Twon are mixed with a hint of f***boy tendencies. It's genetic.

*** Will Smith a la DJ Jazzy Jeff and Summertime...not getting jiggy with it Will Smith. Sorry not Sorry. 


-Lezita C. 


Yes ya girl supplied receipts :) 

Yes ya girl supplied receipts :) 

DON'T Let it Burn: Tips on How to Discuss Sexual Health

Unapologetically Single

So by now, most of us have seen all the latest news reports about singer/songwriter/Moesha's ex boyfriend, Usher Raymond.  For those of us who have taken a social media sabbatical, let me quckly bring you up to speed.  Usher out here sanging about his confessions but apparently he forgot to mention an important little detail about his sexual past...HERPES.  As reported by several news sources, Usher paid out $1.1 million dollars to settle a lawsuit with a woman that he infected with Herpes.  I suppose between all that dizzy ass spinning and doing stage cartwheels, he forgot to inform his partner that he carried the Herpes virus.  

It's crazy to imagine, but even in the year 2017 many men and women are not having open and honest conversations with their sexual partners about their history.  It could be out of shyness or even embarrassment that people aren't communicating about their health, but all of those emotions should be secondary when it involves your private parts and possessions.  

1 out of 6 people are infected with Herpes.... 1 OUT OF EVERY 6.  That means, if you happen to see a cute group of friends at any music festival, church, the mall, grocery store, and/or at a bar,  statistically speaking, one of those people may be infected with a sexually transmitted disease and they may or may NOT even know.  According to World Health Organziation, "Each year, there are an estimated 357 million new infections with 1 of 4 STIs: chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and trichomoniasis. More than 500 million people are estimated to have a genital infection with herpes simplex virus (HSV).  The idea of meeting a cute stranger and just rumbling in the sack unprotected is cute when watching a Lifetime movie, but scary as hell in real life.  

Also, lets be clear, there are many people infected with sexually transmitted diseases and they are happy and living their lives.  Having any disease does not make you a horrible human being NOR is it a death sentence.  However,  having a STD and NOT not informing your partner about your sexual health is just trifling and misleading.  Don't do that. 

We realize how difficult it can be for some to discuss sex and health with your current sexual partners.  To alleviate some of the awkwardness of having those "soooo is that just a regular cold sore or nah" conversations, we've compiled a quick list of TIPS that you can reference when the time comes as well as a few TRICKS to avoid contracting an STD.


1. Have a non traditional date night to the doctor or clinic and get tested together. It's not quite as romantic as a candle lit dinner but neither is expensive drug treatments. 

2. Purchase a couple of at home STD/STI testing kits for those spontaneous nights that you didn't pre-plan or pre-shave for.  You can Netflix and chill while waiting on results. 

3. Suggest playing truth or dare and ask away! If they happen to choose "dare", then you can dare them to tell you all the health details about their love below.  

4. Just be BOLD and straight to the point! There's no need to dance around topics as important as you health. A huge part of being in a relationship in communication and you both should be mature enough to handle the "hard" questions (Have you ever been tested for HIV/AIDS? When was the last time you were tested? How may sexual partners have you had since your last test? Are you currently involved with anyone else?).


1. Practice Safe Sex EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

2. Make sure you and your partner are TESTED REGULARLY. This means before you enter into any new relationship and more frequently if you are in risky relationships

3. Keep the relationship Mutually Monogamous. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s safer this way! If you are into threesomes and/or having sister wives (we are not judging you), just make sure all persons involved are tested.

4. Be comfortable saying “NO!” - if you’re not ready or just unsure, it’s okay to say “Not Right Now” and if they’re not okay with having to wait, move on, that’s their loss.

5. Be Responsible for your own protection! He can save all of the “Condoms are uncomfortable”, “I’m too big to fit a condom” and “I ran out/left them at home” for someone else! Just hit him with a mean side eye and pull out your own! 

6. D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) - Solo Sex if the Safest Sex!!!

Do you have any tips to add to the list? If so, share below.  Also, while you're here, don't forget to order your 3-Pack Condom and Tin Set by Lovability for your next "safe" night out. Happy and Safe Sexing!!

Trading Places

Unapologetically Single

 Story time with Lezita!!!!

This past week I had an eye opening experience.  For a split second, I felt what single men (or some women) feel while courting, and my life has never been the same. 

My one and only nephew was leaving for the military and I wanted to celebrate and spend some quality time with him before he moved away.  If I'm being transparent, I mainly just wanted to give him a few words of encouragement and remind him that condoms are NOT just a cute wallet accessory...they are to be USED.  Anywho, I suggested we go to dinner to hang out.

I invited him out a couple of days before my direct deposit dropped, so in my mind we were going to go to Taco Tuesday or just have $.50 cent wings ( before you go judging, I'm on a budget and I am not ashamed).  With that in mind, I got my heart set on a good $5.99 taco special with all the toppings,  AND extra guacamole, because it's ok to treat yourself even when on a budget. 

So I drive to go get him and before he can even get in my car good, baby says "I got a taste for Red Lobster". Me: 🤦🏾‍♀️😒👀👀😩👀🤦🏾‍♀️. 

First off, inflation has caused Red lobster to charge phone bill payments for a lil piece of seafood, so immediately I'm looking crazy.  In  addition, my nephew has never been one of those salad eating type of guys, so now I'm super nervous. I pull out my phone and immediately start searching for coupons or some sort of rewards program!!! lol

 Then, to add icing on this expensive ass cake, my dear nephew says " ohhh this lobster feast meal looks good!! LOBSTER FEAST!!! Oh Lawd 😱😫. Now for anyone who doesn't know what the Ultimate Feast is, it's a $30+ dish that consists of lobster, shrimp, and a platter full of different overpriced previously  frozen dishes.  In my mind I wanted to respond like Iyanla and scream "NOT ON MY WATCH", but instead I calmly replied, "Yeah nah!! You get that and you forfeit a going away present bruh!! 😂😂😂". 

Long story short, he settled on something more affordable and we both bonded over Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuits. 

Moral of this story, I've never paid for a date,  but now I can understand how SOME men or women feel when paying for dates.  Let's keep it real, unless you make a nice salary and have no major bills or responsibilities, you're not aiming to consistently spend HUGE amounts of money on another adults dinner, especially if you don't know the person that well.  I do understand wanting to impress but sometimes you have to stay within your own financial lane, and there is NOTHING wrong with that.  

On the other side of the coin, I would also advise any guy or girl that has a set budget,  to stick to the rivers and the Taco Tuesday's that you're used to.  I will never judge a date for printing a cute Groupon or recommending a restaurant that has two $$ signs on yelp.  At the end of the day, it's not about how expensive the dinner, it's about how much we like each other.  

What are your thoughts about paying for dates?  Are you more traditional and expect the other person to pay? Do you believe in going halfies? Do you get offended by coupons? Let's discuss.  

Single Girls In Cuba...The Good, the Bad, and the MEN!!

Unapologetically Single

Session_ 53.jpg

One of the best parts about the summer time is taking trips to different places and enjoying quality time with your friends. This year, Unapologetically Single took their single talents down to Cuba to explore.  

To sum up our trip and offer a little insight, here are several key points that you may find valuable if you are traveling to Cuba soon.  If you've been to Cuba before, let us know what the best and worse part about your experience was. 


  • Havana is oddly beautiful. Outside of the touristy places, MANY of the buildings are extremely worn down, but you can still see the beauty there that once was.  Just by simply walking down the street you feel as though you were immersed in a time when your grandparents dressed up and wore their Sundays best to the local clubs and juke joints. 
  • Our Air BNB was located in Vedado which is a bustling area near many restaurants, clubs, and wifi spots ( oh yeah wifi is a luxury that isn’t available freely).  One of our Air BnB hosts cooked breakfast every morning and she felt like an abuelita away from home.  In addition , it was one of the rare finds that included AC in every room and HOT WATER.  Click here you’re interested In booking. 
  • The people are extremely friendly and are willing to offer a helping hand no matter where you are, even if they speak “un poquito ingles ”.  We were greeted and escorted to many local restaurants that we would’ve never found otherwise. 
  • Whether it was the Sunday day party in Vedado or local partying at the Fabric de Arte Museum, one thing for sure is that Cubans don’t mind getting the party started ANY and EVERY where. We can attest to night parties or 3-4 am singing….every night. 


  • Joanne the scammer CLEARLY ain’t the only person out here scamming!  Beware of people telling you about a special “ cigar sale”.  They're lying like sh*t. Just go to a reputable location or even a hotel. Yes you pay more, but better safe than scammed. 
  • At the moment, Cuba does not take American credit cards so you can only bring cash.  Once that cash runs out, ISSA wrap. With that being said, whatever you THINK you need, bring $100 more.  We literally went from living like Fabulous and throwing ERRthang in the bag to eating buy one get one free $.50 pizza out of a random apartment because that's all we could afford.   
  • Although most locals and our Host were extremely welcoming, you could definitely sense the Anti-American sentiment occasionally with seething In-your-face eye rolls.! We actually found it kind of funny, but don't be surprised if you encounter this behavior at restaurants,  airports, or any local eatery that accepts Cuban Pesos and you try to pay with CUCs ( Cuban Pesos are the currency of the local people and not tourists ).  
  • The food was absolutely amazing most places we went, HOWEVER,  if you’re not careful, you may be running to the bathroom more than you care to.  Try to take medicine before landing so that you can at least prep your stomach.  Fortunately, I was with my girls and not on a baecation. Otherwise, the sh** literally and figuratively would’ve been hitting the fan.  Gross I know, but true. 


  • Cuban men LOVE chocolate.  Take that how you may! Exercise caution though, all the attention can make you feel like you’re in a Marc Anthony video as lead bad B**** and no one can tell you a DAMN THANG.  I’m a sucker for a KILLER smile and a nice body and CUBA will not disappoint in that area. Brush up on your Spanish, its hard to flirt sounding like you learned how to read/speak yesterday. 
  • That being said, some of the men can come off a bit arrogant and more than a few dressed like the Spanish version of Migos, but if you are like us, you can deal with the Rico Suave attitude and rings on every finger for a few days all in the name of fun...


Overall Unapologetically Single Rating based on a scale from 1-10

Food- 7

Social Scene- 8


HERSTORY: Why Am I Unapologetically Single? - Featuring @ayoola_aina

Unapologetically Single

There's nothing more beautiful and exceptional than a person, most importantly a woman, who chooses to fall in love with themselves. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that love is indeed a wonderful gift, which God has given to us human beings, but I must say that these days, there seems to be a huge misconception about it.
It has become a preconceived notion of the man saying- "the woman is supposed to be forgiving even if I take advantage of her." And the woman who says- "cheating is in the nature of a man and it is something that we must just learn to accept."
It is important that we must fall in love with ourselves first, and understand that there is absolutely no one in this world who can make us happy, but ourselves.
Therefore I choose to be unapologetically single, I choose to live for myself and myself alone, unraveling the dimensions of my amazing personality, until Mr right chooses to come along and hell yeah he will definitely have to earn my love!
Thank you for this amazing blog

Company Spotlight: Tasha Hussey Body

Unapologetically Single

Tasha Hussey Loofah Soap

As you all know, we only feature items on our site that we are ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with, and our latest addition of Loofah and Coconut Bar Soaps by Tasha Hussey Body are no exception! I was first introduced to her products after they were gifted to me a few years ago, and I’ve been a loyal fan ever since. All of her soaps are handmade, vegan, and chemical free for a truly indulgent experience in the bath tub!

This week in our company spotlight, we will be featuring Tasha Hussey Body.

Tasha Hussey is a Jamaican born mother of three living in Atlanta Georgia. She studied Fashion Design and had a clothing line for over 10 years which featured items made from natural or organic fibers. She created her handmade natural body care line after being inspired by her youngest child suffering from severe eczema. Tasha Hussey Body was officially launched in 2013 and is sold online and in boutiques, gift shops and spas throughout the
United States. She has been featured in Essence Magazine, Lucky Magazine, and Daily Candy.

The collection boasts soaps containing locally grown loofahs, aromatherapy soaps, face care, body sprays, butters and sugar scrubs. Her products are natural, animal free, and mostly made up of vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, olive oil, oatmeal, shea butter and essential oils mixed with other wonderful moisturizing and exfoliating ingredients. With an extensive collection for men and women, her mission is to heal and make everyone’s skin beautiful one soap at a time!

Tasha Hussey, Creator

Tasha Hussey, Creator

Be sure to follow and like the FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages for more products and information from Tasha Hussey!

Instagram:  tasha.hussey.body


Company Spotlight: Keith Clark Collection

Unapologetically Single

KCC Balm

For our Athletic Lifestyle Collection, we really wanted to focus on all-natural products to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated on your journey to a better you. We’re pretty excited for you all to try the KCC Pain Relief Balm from the Keith Clark Collection. Crafted from all-natural ingredients and a proprietary blend of pain relieving essential oils that includes Ginger & Black Pepper, this balm will literally hit the spot!

This week in our company spotlight, we will be featuring the Keith Clark Collection.

The Keith Clark Collection, is created by Keith Clark, a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). Keith started introducing aromatherapy into his massage sessions.  Using lotions, butters, natural plant and fruit essences, clients began to inquire about the various "scents" that were being used to relax, provide relief, rejuvenate and inspire them.

Looking for quality natural products that cater to your mind body & soul?  Keith Clark Collection offers all natural “shea-less” body butters, All Purpose Body Oils, Aromatherapy Roll- Ons, Pain Relief Balms, Dry Mists, Massage Candles and Inhalers. All products are scented with unique essential oil blends created to rejuvenate, inspire, and enhance your quality of health, mentally and physically. All body care products are handmade and 100% natural. They do not contain any synthetic fragrances or preservatives, no parabens, no sulphates, no DEAs, no DPG, no solvents, or any fillers. When you look and smell good, you feel great!

Follow and like the FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages for more information about the Keith Clark Collection and various facts and tips about nature's rejuvenating and healing properties.

Keith Clark Collection

Instagram: KeithClarkCollection

"Using nature to rejuvenate, inspire, provide relief and enhance the quality of your health, naturally."

"Using nature to rejuvenate, inspire, provide relief and enhance the quality of your health, naturally."

Company Spotlight: A+ Curves

Unapologetically Single

When we created our Black Girl Magic gift box, we wanted to curate a box that would encompass products that we love, as well as practical items that could be used day in and day out.  The opportunity to collaborate with A+ Curves was presented during a girls night out conversation and we IMMEDIATELY jumped on the idea to partner with the powerhouse designer.  She allowed our vision to come to life by designing and hand sewing hand wraps that are not only unique and  beautiful, but they are extremely practical when it comes to  protecting our black girl magic edges, coils, kinks and curls (whether we're protecting them from bad hair days or the hands of strangers).    

This week in our company spotlight, we will be featuring A+ Curves.


A+ Curves is clothing line that is dedicated to bringing high fashion options to curvy women, at an affordable price point . We understand that a woman's figure comes in many different shapes and sizes.  Known for our use of unique prints and flattering silhouettes, A+ Curves is able to bring something unexpected to your wardrobe.


For more information on A+ CURVES, check out her website at


Company Spotlight: THE BLK + MKT

Unapologetically Single

Our Black Girl Magic gift box was created out of a need to celebrate and uplift Black women regardless of their relationship status.  We teamed up with some of the most creative and trendiest black women-owned businesses to create a box that is truly F.U.B.U. 

This week in our company spotlight, we will be featuring THE BLK + MKT



A fashion designer by trade and lover for all things in the world of design and global exploration.  Kristen is the creator and designer behind The BLK+MKT. 

The BLK+MKT was originally created for the eclectic minimalist, has naturally evolved into a brand focusing on creating cool pin designs all the while encouraging and promoting positive messages among the African American community.

With the skills learned in design school and while working on design ventures, Kristen has managed to blend fashion and taking all things of the black culture in order to create The BLK+MKT. A brand in which encourages one to wear the pride of their culture on their sleeve or chest for everyone to see and take notice.

For more information on THE BLK + MKT, check out their website at

#StruggleLove...Yayyy or Nayyy?

Unapologetically Single

So many of us during our lifetime have fallen into struggle love OR know someone who has. It happens to the best of us, and even more tragically, some of us NEVER seem to find a way out.

If you are one of the unicorns that have NO idea what I am talking about, here are two quick definitions (as defined by yours truly).

Struggle love [Struhg-uhl  Luhv] 

1. The act of supporting a partner financially when the partner does not have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of (I.E. A partner that's broke as hell).

There is nothing that grinds my gears more than those memes that essentially say “You’re a gold digger if you expect a man to have more than $2” OR “You’re not a keeper unless you’re willfully dating a man with $2”. Listen, I’m all for looking at potential and meeting people where they are, HOWEVER, I don't believe YOU should have to suffer financially or be expected to support another person.  If this person is working on their goals and they may not be financially stable BUT (BIG ASS BUT) they support and love you, and they do not EXPECT anything but your love and support in return, then cool. If they're 38 years old, still pursuing their raps dreams, and expect to borrow your car and NOT refill it with gas….don’t even think about it. OK?

Mary J.  Repeatedly told you that you “could do Bad all by yourself” and she ain't never ever lied!!

2. Someone that makes it consistently hard to love them or makes you feel like you are too hard to love, but for some reason you two just keep on trying and keep on hurting each other.

Similarly, you don’t want to be stuck in a relationship that's mutually draining because you feel that you’ve invested too much time OR you're afraid of starting over.  The only thing that this will lead to is years of resentment and a possible divorce (if you both even make it to the altar). Love should be effortless. Yes, every relationship requires hard work and a little compromise, but love shouldn’t be a project where your happiness depends on your partner molding into the person of your dreams. This isn’t HGTV. Find yourself a lover and not a fixer-upper. If they don’t make you feel good “AS-IS”… then in the words of a sanging/lip quivering/ shoe-less Fantasia "GO AHEAD AND FREE YOURSELF!"

These types of relationships are TOXIC and it’s okay to throw in the towel, sis... but if you must stay, we commend you for fighting for your relationship and turning those struggling ass lemons into sugar-free lemonade...


Staying Motivated in 2017

Unapologetically Single


With the New Year just beginning and giving us all a feeling of pure relief, I'm sure we are all thinking of ways to maximize our potential in 2017.  While I am a huge advocate for making changes to my life as they are needed, some people prefer to wait until the New Year to start off on a clean slate.  Since we're all friends/ soul sistas here, let's just keep it real for a second.  By January 15th, we typically tend to settle back into our old habits and completely forget about all of our “New Year, New Me Mantras".  When making New Year resolutions, we all genuinely have the best intentions, but it's hard to sometimes see them through.  To offset the idea of resolutions being daunting and tedious, we've compiled a few well-crafted tips to help lead to a happy and productive 2017. 

First and foremost, don’t get overwhelmed with all you want to accomplish in the next 12 months.  Break goals down into more easily digestible pieces and make sure to be specific and set due dates along the way.  For example, we all want to work on our bodies in some way or another BUT Rome was not built in a day and neither were our back rolls. Take baby steps.  Instead of saying “I want to lose 25 pounds by next week”, start off with “I want to work out 2 times a week.” Try to be patient with your body and the results will eventually come.  Also, no shade….but there is no amount of tea that’ll make you look like Teyana Taylor. Save your gas money.

Similarly, whether its weight loss, career goals, or your dating life, aim to focus on 1-2 goals at a time, as to not get overwhelmed.  Once one goal is accomplished, cross it off your list and add another one. As you mark off each completed goal, not only will you feel a sense of accomplishment, but it will reassure you that anything is possible.  In the end, completing each goal will undoubtedly give you more confidence to tackle the next obstacle in your life journey. 

Create a daily, weekly or monthly list of tasks that will help you stay on track and stay dedicated to reaching your goal.  Creating lists help you to have a visual timeline and align your daily activities with meeting your overall goals.

Surround yourself with positive reinforcements that keep you focused.  Your hobbies, books and/or media should all serves as vessels that keep you encouraged and hold you accountable for completing your goals. With that being said, your morning mantras and routine greatly set the tone for your day. Try to wake up to positivity and good energy, i.e. stay off Facebook and Twitter until you’ve at least had your morning coffee and written down your daily tasks.

Last but definitely not least, go into 2017 living YOUR best life.  In the great words of supermodel/catwalk killer Naomi Campbell “DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO ME” ( Iconic Video Here).  A wise friend once told me that "comparison is the thief of joy" and I still hold that statement to be true.  It’s so easy with Instagram and Facebook to get lost in the accomplishments (or lies) of others and feel defeated.  Don’t let the internet detour you from the things that you want out of life.  Focus your energy on creating a life that is worth living, on and off social media.  



Single Again: Im Bacckkkkk!!

Unapologetically Single

Unapologetically Single Lioness

      So many of you have read in the media lately that Tameka “Tiny” Harris has filed for  divorce from T.I. after 6 years of marriage. Although a current hot topic in the media, it’s a story that many women know all too well. Maybe not the 6 years of marriage part, but any breakup after being in a relationship for over a year can be tough.

To assist you on this journey, we’ve compiled a list of ways to help cope with being SINGLE AGAIN, and becoming the Unapologetically Single and fierce woman you were meant to be.

1.   Use this time to focus on you and only you! Are you maximizing your full potential? Is there something that you’ve been wanting to do for the past year but ALWAYS managed to put it off?? GO FOR IT!! Especially if that thing you’ve been putting off is the SEXY man that lives in apartment 2C… Just kidding. Not really :)

2.   Do some soul searching and find out what you want in your next partner. What worked in your last relationship? What didn’t work?  Are you willing to compromise certain behaviors? Do you want your next partner to have a hairline that isn’t chasing time? All these things matter when venturing out into the world of dating.

3.   Surround yourself with friends but also revel in your alone time. Both are important to the process! Plan a girls night out on the town to take your mind off your heartache and put on that freakum dress that our beloved YONCE refers to.  You may still be a little hurt, but at LEAST you can look sexy. Trust me girl...he’s looking at your pics and wishing he could turn back those hands of good ole father time.

Sidenote: BE PREPARED for his call and how you will respond!!

4.   Have fun! Remember the film “How Stella Got her Groove back”…leave your dating expectations at the door or in the chatroom. When back on the dating scene, you will definitely come across a lot of frogs that have NO INTENTIONS of turning into princes. Don’t take anything too seriously in the beginning. It’s ROUGH out here.

5.   Be Unapologetically Single a.k.a CONFIDENT in your new status! Your life does not END or BEGIN with a man or woman. You got this!!!

Top 5 Things NOT to Do for New Year's Eve 2016

Unapologetically Single

1. No Drunk Texting

Don’t even THINK about drunk texting a past lover IF you’re feeling lonely. Trust us and trust your sober judgement! It’ll only lead to New Year's disappointment (like crying and drinking wine in the shower type of disappointment).              

2. Do Not Leave Your Home Without A Charged Phone

One of my favorite songs/quotes right now is sung by an artist by the name of Lizzo.  She poses the question, “Where the hell my phone, huh? How I’m POSED to get home?”

This tip may seem hella small… but as a single woman it is SUPER imperative to ensure a fun and safe night. Make sure your phone is charged and you have a backup plan in the event that something crazy happens.  We’ve all had those crazy nights and there is NOTHING worse than being stranded somewhere without a phone, comfortable shoes, and a plan B.

3. Don’t Go Out Without a “SINGLE LADY BAG” Emergency Kit

Just in case you’re NEW to this, a “Single lady bag” consists of the following essentials:  

  • Edge control
  • Mini toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Condoms (come on ...we’re all grown consenting adults)
  • Mirror (just to sneakingly make sure you have that “I woke up like this” glow)
  • Mini Deodorant
  • Mini Lotion
  • Facial Wash
  • Lipstick

4. Resist Irresponsible Spontaneity

Some of us LOVE a good spontaneous night, however, the creeps ARE OUT! It’s even more imperative if you’re out alone to monitor your drinks, take a photo of your skeevy looking uber driver, AND avoid men/all people that wear yellow fluorescent sunglasses IN the club. Just be aware of your surroundings.

5. Do Not Go On a Blind Date

Blind dates are cool, BUT they can be the ultimate disaster for New Year’s Eve, especially if you’re meeting up with someone from a dating app. I once went on a blind date with a guy who wore a prison-esque khaki pants suit and drank wine DIRECTLY from the the middle of a beautiful restaurant!!! You do NOT want to be stuck with a person like THAT for the entire night!!!  Or maybe you do….

Top 5 Things to Do for New Years Eve 2016

Unapologetically Single

1. Romantic Night In

When I’m in a relationship, I love a Romantic night in on New Year's Eve, just as much as I love a wild night of partying. Just because you’re flying solo, doesn’t mean that has to change. Treat yourself to a dreamy night in and when I say “treat” I mean GO ALL OUT! Take a nice long bath, light some candles (currently swooning over Mokara by Voluspa), prepare a few homemade chocolate covered strawberries (Moscato infused chocolate covered strawberries), watch your favorite film and enjoy being in your own presence. Relax and be present.

2. Link up with your Ace.

Let me say this loud and clear so that the people in the back can hear me, JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE SINGLE, DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE ALONE! NYE is the perfect time for you to go out and paint the town gold with one of your single friends or plan a girl’s night out for the single and taken alike.

But whatever you decide, use this night to build friendships and have fun. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT spend the whole night focusing on relationship problems and complaining about men. Don’t let them steal your joy!

3. Have a Kickback

A.K.A Throw a pretty chill party (can be potluck or BYOB style if you’re on a budget). Finding something to do for NYE can be a daunting task for a lot of people, so the homies would be super appreciative for this option. Just imagine a night filled with your closest friends, drinks, board games (the Girls Night Out Expansion pack for Black Card Revoked is a must), a makeshift photo-station, a few party hats and banging music. You will never want that ball to drop!

4. Spend time with family

When all else fails, and you just really don’t want to be alone on NYE, family will always be there for you. Enjoy the home cooked meal, game night with siblings and unconditional love that your family can provide.

5. Let go of expectations

No matter what you decide to do, sometimes NYE can bring about plenty of expectation and anxiety for the night AND new year. This year, just let go and enjoy yourself!