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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. There was a problem with my order?? HELP??

Please email us at and we will answer your question or concern within 24 hours.

Q2. We're not single anymore sooooo, can we return our box?

We do not accept returns but we welcome you to email us at to share your concerns.

Q3. I ordered my box but it hasn't arrived yet? Is it lost?

You will recieve a tracking number via your email once the order ships.

Q4. Just like my ex's mom, there is an item in the box that i don't like? What can i do?

We welcome all support and critisicm! If there is something that you do not like in the box, please let us know for future boxes. If there is something that doesn't work for you, pass the gift along to another single gal pal!! She'll thank you with happy hour later :)